Jesus said "...you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth." (Acts 1:8)  In keeping with this commission, we believe our first responsibility is to impact our local community first.  It is only then that we can widen our circle of influence to reach into Louisiana, the United States, and finally, to other countries of the world.  Community Christian partners with approximately 20 different U. S. mission outreaches.  These range from university campus ministries, to community outreaches that include food distribution, crisis pregnancy help, human sex trafficking, deaf ministries, as well as lending support to foster care children.  We are always looking for ways to expand our aid to the local community.  

  • Christopher & Felicity Buckel - Chi Alpha University of Southern Mississippi

    Ministering on the campus of USM, the Buckel family is reaching students for Christ and training future leaders of the world.

  • Matthew & Jen Degier - Tulane University (nola)

    Matt and Jen serve as Team Leaders and as Tulane Chi Alpha Directors in New Orleans.  Their heart for the university students is evident as they are impacting the world one student at a time.

  • Ruth Dewitt - Deaf Ministries

    Ruth ministers to Louisiana's deaf citizens.  She enables the "deaf" to "hear" the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Anthony & Melanie Freeman - Church Planters

    All Nations Fellowship is the most recent church plant by Anthony and Melanie.  The Freeman's have a heart for New Orleans.  The fellowship is located on Napoleon Avenue where they provide church services and a host of community outreach programs.  

  • Odis & Debby Ganey - Alaska

    The Ganey's have served the people of Alaska for 25 years.  Odis serves as Director of Church Construction and Assessment.  Their ministry takes them by road, air, and water into over 60 locations within the State of Alaska.

  • Rebekah Hodges - University of Central Arkansas

    Rebekah is with Deep Wells Ministry.  She is reconciling students to Christ on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas.  She is training leaders to assist with the discipling of students, training them to seek His guidance and to discern His leading. 

  • Wayne & Drue Huffman - Refugee / Immigrant Ministry

    The Huffman's were missionaries in Europe for many years.  They recently birthed a new ministry to the needs of America's refugees and immigrants living in the inner cities of the U. S. 

  • Michael & Martha Lesperance-Garcia  -  Ethnic inistry

    Michael and Martha serve as Ethnic Coordinator to the Gulf Region.  They oversee church planting for ethnic groups providing training and education of ethnic pastors for leadership.

  • Pregnancy Help Center of Slidell / Speak hope

    Cindy Collins has been the Executive Director of the Pregnancy Help Center of Slidell for 30 years.  Over 25,000 women and babies have received the unconditional love of Jesus Christ through free pregnancy tests, clothing, resources, counseling, temp housing, and a 24/7 helpline.  In addition, through the ministry of SpeakHope those who are caught in human sex trafficking are being rescued and given a brighter future.

  • Louisiana Teen Challenge

    This is the faith-based solution for the drug epidemic.  L Teen Challenge is helping men and women break the chains of addiction through the love and power of Jesus Christ!

  • Innerfaith Prison Ministry

    Russell and Christine Roseberry serve as  Executive Directors of InnerFaith Prison Ministry.  They minister to inmates and their families via Prison Revivals and Crusades, discipleship classes, Preparing for Success on the Outside Classes, outreach events, and so much more.

  • Dorothy Scott - La Missionary to the Deaf & Hearing

    Dorothy ministers in nursing homes where many have given their lives to Christ.  She shares the love of Jesus through prayer and reading of the Word.

  • Christine & Hilton Johns - Chi Alpha University of New Orleans

    Christine and Hilton are reaching students for Christ on the UNO campus.  Many have followed in water baptism and Holy Spirit baptisms..some going into missions full-time to serve as they have been served.  They are reaching the world through students whose lives have changed by an encounter with Jesus Christ.

  • Eric & Anabelle Treuil - Chi Alpha Lafayette

    Eric also serves as Director for Louisiana District Chi Alpha.  He and Anabelle tirelessly serve the students on the university campuses in order to reach them for Christ.  

  • Gary & Tammie Webb - OCJ Kids

    Founders Gary and Tammie Webb’s passion is to reach out to the growing population of unsupervised youth aged 12-18 who were gathering after school with nothing productive to occupy their time and who were being tempted by negative influences, including gangs, drugs, and violent behavior.

    Gary and Tammie knew these youth were making choices that would impact the rest of their lives and were determined to establish a program to offer positive activities and adult mentors who would not only encourage them to take the “right path,” but could show them how through direct assistance and role modeling.

  • Jonathan & Ali Buras - Chi Alpha  Louisiana State University

    Jonathan and Ali Buras met while students at Louisiana State University. They both had their lives radically changed by the ministry of Chi Alpha at LSU and work every day to see that change repeated over and over in the students around them.  After graduating from LSU (Jonathan in 2007 and Ali in 2008), they took a year to train with the Chi Alpha Internship program in Louisiana before moving to Oklahoma to work with Chi Alpha at The University of Oklahoma. After six years in Oklahoma, Jonathan and Ali were more than thrilled to have the opportunity to move home to LSU as the new directors and lead pastors of LSU Chi Alpha in 2015.  Jonathan and Ali are passionate about lifegroups and empowering students to reach students.  They have two beautiful daughters, Addie and Lily who love to come to campus and see students.  Addie describes her mom and dad’s job by saying, “Mommy and Daddy go to work and tell students Jesus loves them.”

  • Miranda Taylor - Chi Alpha University of Louisiana

    Miranda was gone to South Africa working with Missions there and has recently returned to Chi Alpha at University of Louisiana.