At the present time, Community Christian partners with 40 plus missionaries in the U. S. and in other parts of the world.  There is power in partnership and we believe that together we can accomplish more than by remaining apart.  A team is always stronger than an individual. Furthermore,  AGWM Executive Director (1990-1997) Loren Triplett amply stated..."If Jesus died for all men, then all men must be told."   We fully agree that all men must be told, therefore, we partner with those who are called to missions abroad.


    Randy and Karen serve with HealthCare Ministries bringing hope internationally.  Volunteer team services include health education, medical, dental, optical, pharmacy, and other healthcare related services while engaging in evangelism.


    Leading the Europe-wide university ministries called Students for Christ based in Belgium.  They have been commissioned to evangelism, discipleship, and training future leaders to take their place in ministry and society.


    Our missionary to the people of Latin America Caribbean bringing the Good news and furthering the Great Commission


    Missionaries to Benin, West Africa for many years the Campbell's recently returned to Dassa-Zoume.  We look forward to hearing news as they continue to fulfill their calling to the people of West Africa!


    Missionaries to Barcelona, Spain - the Carrano's are working in university and church settings with young adults to develop leaders who will communicate the timeless truths of Christ.


    The Chaissons' serve the Marshall Islands and nations of Pacific Oceania.  They are involved in church planting, educating and training ministry leaders at the Marshall Islands Bible School, and leading textbook translation from English to Marshallese.


    The Gravely's serve in the universities of Brussels.  They host students, conduct Bible studies, and lead students to Christ. They are transforming the world one student at a time

  • BOB & LISA HOLLOWAY - Venezuela

    Bob and Lisa are missionaries to Venezuela.  They recruit and train nationals to go to tribal groups.  They are also involved in church planting, while overseeing The Bible Institute in Atabapa, and working on a water well project in Puerto Ayacucho.

  • JIM & CYNTHIA LEMONS - Cameroon, Africa

    Jim and Cynthia work with 40 unreached and least reached people groups in Cameroon, Africa, through evangelism, church planting, Bible schools, Oasis Project, Pan American Theological Seminary, and literature printing and distribution.

  • RANDLE & JOYCE PETERSON - Philippines

    The Peterson's oversee church building and construction in the Philippines.  In the aftermath of the earthquake and Super Typhoon Yolanda in 2013, Randle was named "pointman" for reconstruction efforts in the islands.

  • KIRK & AMY PRIEST - Germany

    The Priest family serves in Heidelberg, Germany. They oversee an international church in this university town where more than 15 nations are represented in weekly services.  They are currently involved in the refugee relief efforts throughout this area.  

  • STEVE & KIM PUFFPAFF - Caribbean Region

    The Puffpaff's are directors of support ministry to the City of Refuge children's homes in Jamaica.  They are involved in leadership training in 7 different Caribbean countries with the Caribbean School of Theology.

  • Earl Davis - Beit Shalom Ministries

    Missionary to Israel

  • Several Missionaries in Sensitive Area

    We have several other missionaries that we can not list due to the sensitivity of their locations.